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What is a Labor Doula

A Labor Doula provides informational, emotional and physical support for mothers and their partner throughout pregnancy, labor and the immediate postpartum period. Our focus is on making your birth experience as pleasant as possible.

What is a Postpartum Doula?

Postpartum Doula's come into the home after you have returned from the hospital. Our focus is on the mother and helping her adjust to new motherhood, or adding another child to the home, as easily as possible. The goal of postpartum doula's is to allow mother's to go on in their journey feeling confident and well-supported!

What can I expect from my doula?

What you can expect from your doula will be discussed in more detail during your first meeting. However, some basic expectations are that you will receive continuous care and have the ability to contact your doula at anytime if you have any questions!

What if I can't afford a Doula?

Please, do not let money be what gets in the way of hiring a doula! If you feel the cost will be an issue for you, please contact me and we can discuss a payment plan.

Discounted Rates

I do offer a select few discounts. There is a discount for repeat clients and military personnel! Contact me for more information!

Do you travel?

I do travel outside the Des Moines area! For families who live more than 25 miles away from Grimes, IA there will be an added travel fee. This is necessary because of the time and cost of extra travel. Travel fees are negotiable and can be discussed prior to signing a contract.

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